6 Night Intestinal Cleanse. (Aerial Circus Optional)


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6 Day Intestinal, Liver, Lymphatic Cleanse
6 nights. For many physicians proper bowel function is the cornerstone of health.
This specially designed cleanse helps to remove impacted mucoid plaque from the small and large intestine, this is imperative for proper bowel function, absorption of nutrients. Assists in elimination of parasites and fungal overgrowths often candida albicans. Rebalances intestinal flora with probiotics. Daily exercise and skin brushing/exfoliation help the lymph system to eliminate. Therefore when the body is not struggling under toxic over-load, cell regeneration is improved and the body is able to focus on restoring all kinds of health conditions.

Retreat includes:

  • One colonic irrigation sessions and 5 holistic treatments specifically chosen to meet your needs.
  • Traditional chinese medicine and dietary assessment using pulse and tongue diagnosis and future treatment plan.
  • Enema Kit
  • Spring water.
  • 1hr treatment a day (Acupuncture, massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head, Acupressure Reflexology)
  • Fresh organic vegetable juices with EFA’s.
  • Exceptionally high quality herbal cleansing supplements.
  • Accommodation Included
  • Daily Visit to Temple Cloud Circus for Supervised training.

Aerial Classes or 121’s can be arranged if you have no aerial experience. please get in touch to ask. Extra changes will apply.

If you book this retreat it will take place in Sammy’s home.


Couple Booking, Group of 3, Group of 4, Individual Booking

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