Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture and Acupuncture Face Lifts.


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We offer Acupuncture as a individual treatment, combined with other treatments and also as part of our retreats.

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Acupuncture is a highly developed system of medicine, which has successfully maintained the health of more than a quarter of the world’s population for the last 3,000 years.Acupunture is truly effective because it is able simultaneously to address the root cause of disease and to treat its manifesting symptoms. Throughout history medical practitioners have understood this principle to be fundamental to the health of their patients.

In the UK today, many of the traditional acupuncture techniques are not based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, but rather employ the use of needles for pain relief (dry needling) and relief of symptoms. Traditional Chinese Medicine works by careful manipulation of the patient’s internal network of channels (meridians) by using tiny disposable, ‘hair-like’ filaments and / or  massage, at prescribed ‘Meridian Points’, encouraging the acceleration of the body’s healing process and restoring the patient to a state of energetic health.

First Treatment
Your initial visit will last for 1 – 2 hours during which information will be gathered about your main ailment and any other difficulties you may have regarding your health and well-being. An in depth analysis of your pulse and tongue will then be made and blood pressure may also be recorded. In Chinese Medicine the pulse and tongue provide a wealth of information about a patient’s health and act as invaluable diagnostic tools. Both pulse and tongue are checked regularly throughout the course of treatment enabling the practitioner to assess treatment progress.

A detoxification treatment is then usually performed using meridian points on your back to assess & disperse the presence of any toxins which may cause a block to treatment. Acupuncture filaments are carefully positioned into the prescribed meridian points  and in some cases may be left for up to 20 minutes while you relax on the treatment couch.  Pulse diagnosis throughout this period will relay how well treatment is progressing.
Subsequent Treatments.
These will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. After approximately six treatments we will be in a better position to evaluate if acupuncture is the best mode of treatment for you.  By this stage you will know whether your treatments are having a positive effect.
Some long standing complaints may require a greater number of treatments since it is unlikely that an illness which has developed and progressed over many years will be cured overnight. In such cases we expect a steady diminishing of symptoms coupled with a greater sense of well-being as treatment progresses.
Does it hurt?
All the acupuncture filaments used in the practice are sterilised and disposable.  Being ‘hair-like’ in thickness, most patients don’t even notice their insertion!  A small electrical sensation or a dull ache may be felt upon activation of the acupuncture point but it certainly isn’t painful.
When employing massage techniques special care is taken to ensure the correct amount of pressure is applied in accordance with the health of the patient.
All needles are used once only and then safely stored for incineration.
Meridian Medicine is clean, safe and a highly effective natural medicine.
Which conditions can Acupuncture and Chinese Massage Treat?
Sexual Health
Infertility  Irregular Periods
Miscarriage  Morning Sickness
Pelvic Inflammation Low Sex Drive
Menstrual Problems Cystitis
Circulatory Diseases
Abnormal Heart Rhythm Angina
High / Low Blood Pressure
Respiratory System Diseases
Hayfever  Asthma
Tonsillitis  Bronchitis
Digestive System Disease
Ulcers  IBS
Constipation  Haemorrhoids
Indigestion  Abdominal Pain
Diabetes  Thyroid Disease
Chronic Fatigue ME
Migraine  Stroke
Pain (Joint, Muscle and Ligament Pain)
Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteo-Arthritis
Back Pain & Sciatica Injury
Dermatological Disorders
Psoriasis  Urticaria
Eczema  Acne
Emotional Problems
Trauma  Depression
Insomnia  Anxiety / Stress
This is not an exhaustive list of the ailments which may be treated using Chinese Medicine.

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(Acupuncture Follow up Session 45min), (Block of 6 Facial Acupuncture sessions including an Initial Assessment), (Block of 6 treatments including an Initial Assessment), (Ear Acupuncture 30mins), (Ear Acupuncture block 8 sessions in 2 months), (Facial Acupuncture follow up 45min), (Initial Assessment and 1st treatment 90mins)


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