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To order young living oils call 01480 862840 and quote acc no 939009

Young Living Oils are therapeutic grade Essential Oils that oxygenate and help transport nutrients to the cells of your body which may help maintain your health.

Our essential oils are the highest quality in the world. We have an excellent range of Nutritional supplements, personal care products, wolfberry products, Skin care range, cleansing and Detox products, using only the purest organic ingredients.

By providing the needed oxygen, essential oils may work to improve your immune system and create a feeling of balance, emotional uplift and wellness.

By using Young Living’s Therapeutic Essential oils and their many Essential oils enhanced products, we had been given a new, positive approach to taking personal responsibility for our overall health and well being and we have achieved a higher quality of life.

Tragically most essential oils found in retail shops are diluted, adulterated and basically dangerous, even though the bottle states “Pure Essential Oil”. Young Living Essential Oils are the biggest company in the world, and the only company who grow from seed, harvest  and steam distil their own oils. They  set the global standard for purity; each batch is tested by AFNOR certified laboratories before being sold to the public thus ensuring safety and purity.
Young Living Essential Oils are life-enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom, revered since antiquity for their restorative properties to body, mind and spirit. We face many challenges in our modern culture: pure essential oils are re-emerging as a key solution to them. Young Living oils, personal care products and oil enhanced nutritional supplements deliver benefit to the body through smell and direct absorption through the skin as well as via the digestive system.

Business Opportunity.

This is an opportunity to build a rewarding business with a company who sets the global standard in essential oils purity and who cultivate, harvest distil and produce the best essential oils in the world. A company who also have a incredible range of high quality nutritional supplements, including wolfberry juice, as well as personal health care products.

Benefits include:

•  Low start up cost

•  Excellent On Line Business system

•  Be your own boss choose your own hours of work

•  Full support and training provided all the way

•  Develop your own team or work alone

•  Fantastic for health care professionals or anyone inspires by radiant health.

This will be a educational and rewarding journey, where you will learn how to help others and yourself. There is the potential for unlimited income if you choose to invest you time and energy.