Treatment Testimonials

“I’ve known Sam for five years and have been receiving acupuncture treatments from her for three of these. I injured my back at work, fracturing vertebrae T3,4&5 and injuring the discs between. I was in constant pain and had difficulty walking, I couldn’t sit or lie comfortably. I was unable to engage in any day to day life activities. I tried physio, osteopaths, chiropractors and a myriad of other treatments with very little relief or progress. My consultant said that the only option left open to me was surgery which would fuse the damaged vertebra and remove the damaged discs.Sam offered to treat me and after only six sessions I noticed a considerable improvement in my symptoms. The pain was much reduced and I began to walk much better. I was able to increasingly begin to build strength back in the area surrounding the injury and I started to take gentle exercise, (Tai Chi and Yoga). I am now almost symptom free with only occasional exacerbations, (if I do something I shouldn’t!!). Sam also now treats my very brittle asthma and helps to keep the symptoms of this degenerative illness at a minimum. Anyone looking for a therapist who treats holistically and sensitively need look no further. “
Jake Flood, Nurse.

“I have worked with Sam at a number of festival events during summer 2006 where she was involved in the healing area. From showing such capability at each event Sam has become more heavily involved, to the point that she is now organising and co-ordinating the Lotus Healing Area at two of the largest festivals in England and Wales.Sam has an outstanding passion for the work that she does, showing professionalism and care every step of the way. Working with Sam makes what could be a really tough experience an absolute pleasure – and the bliss on the faces of those who experience her healing first hand is priceless. “
Claire O Neil,  Live Nation


Ear Acupuncture Course Testimonials

“ A very lovely few days, Thank you. “

”I thoroughly enjoyed this training and the level of knowledge imparted. there was a good variety of activities and great stimulating talks on energy. Anyone can tune into and use their own energies in responses to guide them.”. Fiona Downey.

“I had never imagined that the course would be so well taught. I felt felt completely encouraged to work with the needles in a direct and confident manner. I would recommend it as a safe, fun, interesting and healing introduction to ear acupuncture.” Anne Wright.

“Sam demonstrated a in depth knowledge of the subject which she expressed in a clear and comprehensive light. “ Karine Cambell, Therapist.

“i really felt inspired to go out and practice my technique after this training – which was intense and personal.” Rebecca Rice, shiatsu practitioner and doula.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a genuinely passionate way. I am eager to start my treatments and look forward to continuing my training with you. x. ” Suzanne Duffield-Ogg

“The two day course was so enjoyable and gives you so much confidence. Every element from course content to how it is taught by Samantha was fantastic. ” Tracy Maitland.

“The Chu Len College teaches useful therapeutic skills in a comprehensive and compassionate way. ” Devin Ashwood, Counsellor. 

” All purpose healing technique, useful for any ailment from physical to emotional. ” Minna Seppala.

“Left me feeling energised and confident to give ear acupuncture for a wide range of problems.” Amy, Drugs worker and Counsellor. 

”Very enjoyable course which has inspired me to do more holistic training in other areas.” Donnelly Crawshaw. Drugs Worker.

” The whole course was excellent, helpful and i really enjoyed it immensely.” Avril.

“Sam’s presentation of Ear Acupuncture covers a broad knowledge base coupled with practical exercises. The course is presented in a manner accessible to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. A friendly warm atmosphere also helped the learning experience. ” Jake Flood, Nurse.

“A really powerful foundation and all round training in maintaining and cultivating well being. ” Holistic Practitioner. 

” The tuition offered by CLCSH is both warm and friendly and at the same time clearly instructive, inspiring confidence in my ability to practice Auricular Acupuncture. ” Devin Ashwood, Counsellor.

” Excellent course. Really enjoyed it, and you get treatments at the same time.” Anon.

”Life changing achievement, absolutely first class tuition and after support, 100% recommended. ” Hypnotherapist. 

”A good course I enjoyed learning how the 7 points interact to help on many levels. Very user-friendly.” Reiki/Polarties Practitioner


I really enjoyed this course.” Marie Moxie, Alternative Medicine Practitioner.

” Thanks was brill.”

“Thanks for a wonderful 2nd course, your a wonderful earth mum, increadible healing teachings, also a diving goddess, kind and nurturing, helpful and knowledgeable, we all need you and your good intentions.”
Cathy Brunt. Holistic Therapist

“This course was just amazing and delightful – focusing – so much to learn so effortlessly in a way.”

” Samantha is great, honestly.” Ramnath.

“I found this course very interesting and motivating not only with ear acupuncture but with Chinese medicine as well. Sam is a very good teacher who’s easy to understand!” Stacy Brice, Beauty Therapist and Body Acupuncture Student.

” So pleased I came! Learnt such a lot- can’t wait for what’s coming next. ” Chris

”Sam is a very knowledgeable person and I think that she is great! Learnt a lot.” Allison

“Fantastic course, excellent material, and very useful healing and energetic information.” Fiona Spence. 

” This was an all-woman group and I think the cohesive energy was due to this.” Jean Nobal

“Ear Acupuncture can help induce deep relaxation and meditation, removing energy blockages, focusing attention and sharpening awareness.”
Chad Balester, Body work Therapist.

“Sam’s approach is beautifully simple precise and full of kindness and beauty, an excellent experience.” Rebecca Tsbury, Samuling.

” This beautiful experience will help me to help others” Sarah Mohoney, Therapist.

“A wonderful healing and truly inspiring weekend. I can’t wait for level 2″ Anon.

” A wonderful and inspirational course”. Hanna Casemant, Shiatsu Practitioner.

“A fantastic experience, taught in a straightforward and simple way, using lots of repetitions to facilitate easy and enjoyable learning! With lots of chi gong and a divine meditation.”

” A great enriching experience” Emma

”This all-woman group was so inspiring and my mind, body and soul are feeling relaxed and grounded after experiencing this magical time. “June Adgo.

“Well worth it many thanks”

“Lovely Spiritual Course.”
Charlottte De Bootman, Acupuncturist

“This course is brilliant. If you want to do a course in ear acupuncture this is the one to do!” Kali, Acupuncturist

“An exciting therapy at your fingertips, which can stand alone or be integrated very easily with other therapies” Linda Orton-Jay, Therapist

“A very relaxed and thorough course” Drugs Worker

“Had acupuncture and ear acupuncture in the past myself and it felt good, better for it – very grateful that I am now able to give ear acupuncture myself and help others.” Annekatrin Ressler, Psychotherapist.

“A simple treatment which has a huge effect” Samantha Clarke, Drugs Worker.

” Really good, memorable training which inspired an understanding of holistic healing”. Sarah Burn, Drugs Worker.

“I got so much out of the Ear Acupuncture course, but I have to say the Qi Gong was something special that I know will help me in my own daily practice. It was my own daily practice, it was amazing and helped me free up and relax, I loved it. The Qi Gong was quite different from what I have learnt before it was really powerful. “
Rebecca, Samyeling Tibetan Centre and Monastery

“Samantha’s bright enthusiasm and sincerity shine forth in her workshops, providing inspiration as well as education.”
James Rawle, Primary School Teacher

“This is a sensible way to heal and help with many problems people have today, to inprove their quality of life. “Cathy Brunt, Healer.

“The training over three levels was comprehensive and the level of supervison was first class. Samantha’s breadth of knowledge and experience was instrumental in delivering a sound programme.” 
Hugh Rooney, University Teacher.

“A really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable 2 days entry to ear acupuncture philosophies and practice.” Grace Roberts, University Lecturer.
“I learnt to overcome my fear of needles in a very supportive environment with an encouraging tutor, so now ready to begin – thankyou. ” Anon

Healing Lotus Celebration Testimonials

“I had an amazing cranio sacral therapy treatment, from which i had a very good effect. Tension was COMPLETELY released from my body and I had a very good nights sleep. I feel generally far more relaxed and focused over the following week. A powerful treatment, ” Holistic therapist.

“A total inspiration and breath of fresh air, I am so happy to have discovered the healing power of Young Living oils, and met so many gorgeous divine beings in one day” Julie Ann Horrox

“The five elements talk was inspirational, and the music (Dragonsfly) was uplifting.” Marianne Farrow

Sweat Lodge Testimonials

“Full on intensity of pleasure and challenge, last nights sweat lodge was a opportunity to learn as much as you were ready to learn. Thank you Sam for the inspiration.” Edward Pope Oxford.

Treatment Testimonials

“Absolutely an amazing treatment, such a relaxing experience” Carol and catherine.

“My back feels great” Tink

“Fully revitalised”

“Made me feel brand new, just what i needed”

“ back massage was great, just what i needed after a nights sleep in a tent”

“Thank you for a lovely service with a smile, i had a couple of massages and it was really good, highly recommended” Amit

“Really relaxing and very helpful – smoothed away my aches and pains, thank you.” Sue

“ A real pleasure i recommend this treatment to anybody, forget the expense its worth every penny” Rich Dyer

“ Felt a really strong energy connection – fantastic! i will be back for more! “ Phil

“ Thank you so much for your great healing hands. i felt so much lighted after it. Having a daily massage during the festival testifies to it. Your extremely talented.” Lorraine

“ That was really lovely. My first massage to fell i have a physical body amazing, Thank you .”

“Thorough but caring, a real treat for a sore and anxious neck, many many thanks.”

“Sam, magic fingers you make me feel so good.” Greg

“Great massage was so good it made me fall asleep, thank you .” Paul.