Professional Training in Ear Acupuncture


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Address for the upcoming course :
Unit 5
Cloud Hill Enterprise
Temple Cloud
Bs39 5bx
United Kingdom

9am-4.30pm each day

Advanced Ear Acupuncture Course 4 days:

• Ear Acupuncture theory
• Health and safety
• Concepts of Qi
• Needle technique
• Point location of 7 major acupuncture points
• Ear Acupuncture in relation to Western medicine
• Basic naturopathy and other related holistic medicine
• Clinical management and insurance
• Basic theory of TCM
• Qi Gong
• Clinical Assessment.

Completion of this course and the final assessment will enable the practitioner to obtain appropriate insurance and practice Ear Acupuncture professionally.

The assessment will take place about 6-12 weeks after the course date, at this time the student will need to hand in 36 case histories and their assignment.

• Treatment of the liver • Hepatitis B and C and liver disease.
•Liver disharmony and related disorders
• Chinese Medicine Theory
• The Five Elements Enhancing liver function with other forms of holistic medicine
• Cleansing and Diet
• Qi Gong
• The application of over 70 acupuncture points
• Formulas of points for different health conditions
• Treatment of eating disorders and behavioral disorders
• Mental health
• Treating physical and emotional pain
• Enhancing the function of the internal organs
• Rebalancing the mind and body
• Qi Gong
• Assessment.
The assessment will take place about 6-12 weeks after the course date, at this time the student will need to had in 36 case histories and their assignment.

The ears have the highest concentration of acupuncture points on the whole body. Points on the ear correspond to the entire physiological system.  Therefore the whole body can be treated with Ear Acupuncture. The beauty of Ear Acupuncture lies in its simplicity, allowing the therapist to give deep, effective, individual or group treatments.

This extremely powerful element of Chinese medicine is very safe and simple to learn and practice.  Ear Acupuncture has been used successfully to improve a huge variety of conditions and generally restore wellbeing and balance. It is the most effective form of acupuncture for pain relief in childbirth.  Ear Acupuncture works exceptionally well in combination with numerous other holistic therapies including Aromatherapy, Reiki Reflexology, Counselling, and Massage.

Sustainable Health is a member of a stakeholder group who are exploring the route to voluntary regulation of Ear Acupuncture, which is one of the microsystems of acupuncture. It is thought likely that microsystems acupuncture will be regulated through the Complementary Natural Health Council. Our Group is called the Microsystems Acupuncture Council Regulatory Working Group. We were one of the last three organisations to be involved and we received funding from the Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health.

£400 plus £50 per assessment. £450 total.


Ear Acupuncture Training

Booking for 10 in Basic & Advanced Ear Acupuncture anywhere in UK, Discount Booking for 2 people in Basic & Advanced Ear Acupuncture, Individual Booking Basic & Advanced Ear Acupuncture

Course Date

25th-28th Feb 9am-4pm Assesment Date 25th March 9am 2022, TBC

Course Location

Cloud Hill Enterprises, East Court Road, Temple Cloud, Bristol BS38 5bx, TBC


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